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Our Business Model

The Labat Africa Group strives to extract maximum value for its shareholders from all its operations. Through the repositioning of Labat as a level 2 B-BBEE fully compliant company operating in a climate where there is increased pressure for companies in all industries to comply with the BEE framework instituted by National Government, Labat has seized the opportunity to become a major force for economic transformation.

Labat’s focus is the creation of a major BEE group with partners from various market sectors. Furthermore we have identified several acquisition targets as well as operational partnerships. A key focus of the Labat strategy is growth-by-acquisition, and we have developed a BEE model which targets specific sectors where companies and clients alike are under pressure to conform to the mandated BEE requirements.

Labat has identified that there is a tremendous opportunity in the current market climate with companies that are un-empowered, and which need BEE partners in order to access more opportunities, as well as funding. Labat is perfectly positioned to take on these partnerships as we have developed a low-risk strategy to win and retain market share through the creation of an alternative BEE network that will be geared to compete with existing conglomerates.